10 Ways Exercise Improves Your Life for the Better

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Health is wealth as they say and as they say, exercise is the best way to stay healthy. Indeed the healthiest I ever felt was when I worked down the road from a gym. Every evening I would head to the gym with a friend, my workouts were also my socialising time.

I’d love to say lockdown stopped my workouts it’s a great reason as all the gyms were closed. But I had left before this happened. Once I had a new job which included a commute I no longer had the time or energy to work out. I kept meaning to join a gym but it never happened then lockdown started and well you know the rest.

I did start home workouts during this time and I’m glad I did it revitalised my love of working out and it made me realise what I loved about working out. Fitness benefits you in so many ways. And not just physically your mental well-being is increased too.

Now I’m back at the gym and working on fitting in workouts with work and writing. In fact, I’m writing this whilst on a stationary bike. Who says you can’t do it all?

I took a few days off from workouts this week but being back made me realise why I loved it

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The top 10 ways exercise improves your life

1. Improves your fitness levels
2. Increases mental wellbeing
3. Helps to establish a routine
4. One improvement leads to others
5. Social side
6. Inspires others
7. Hello energy levels
8. Boost confidence
9. Aids hydration
10. Improves your life


Improves your fitness levels

Going from being a couch potato to doing anything active will increase your fitness. And who doesn’t want that? Indeed, you might not realise but doing nothing can make you tired. Exercise gives you energy. It also allows you to do more in time.

It’s a strange fact, but by starting small and doing something active, you will have the energy to do more. Getting started is usually the most challenging part. But once you do it gets easier. And you will never regret having more energy. Think of it like building muscle. The more weight you lift, the more you can lift next time. Energy grows over time.

Increases mental wellbeing

Firstly, people usually think of only the physical benefits of working out. However, exercising can help your mind as well as your body. Because the mind and body are directly linked you can improve your mental state by getting fit. Secondly, exercise is proven to improve disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Whilst it can be hard to start when your mental health is low it is always worth trying to get active. In addition, you will see constant improvements the more active you become. Getting out walking helps you enjoy the outdoors and getting stronger boosts your mood.

Helps to establish a routine

Making one change really helps create a routine. When I first wanted to rejoin a gym, I wasn’t sure how I would fit it all in. However, it was easy to make a routine around my workouts. I can go before work or work out during my break.

Setting yourself up for the day with a workout is my favourite way to fit in exercise. Although some people prefer an evening workout (which I used to) I now find mornings the best. Indeed, I find it starts the day in a positive way. And it helps you feel good about achieving something so early.

Once you have a routine it becomes normal. Remember when you never thought you could work full time or fit in a new hobby? Once you set up a routine everything is easier.

One improvement leads to others

The domino effect of starting something new is real. Do you ever wonder why people super into fitness do it all – eat well, work out and find time to engage in self-care? Well, once you make one improvement others follow.

Simply by starting to go to the gym I find I now do more home workouts, drink more water and eat better. There is a knock-on effect of doing something positive for your life, it makes you want more.

Exercising is a little like home improvement, you start one thing and notice another change which is needed. In this case, your body is the DIY project, starting to work out will help you see what else you want to improve. Perhaps it will be your hobbies, your well-being or just eating better.

The social side of exercise

Whilst you might like being a loner at the gym early in the morning (aka me!) there are also plenty of ways to make exercising more social.

From gym classes to boot camps and walks with friends fitness can be fun. Getting together and getting fit is a great way to socialise. Something like walking with friends won’t feel like a way to burn calories as you catch up.

A lot of people see the hard parts to exercise but fail to see the benefits.

Inspires others

People are inspired by positivity. Change is hard and easy to put off. However, if you see someone else doing something you’ve been meaning to do it’s easier to follow in their footsteps.

I was inspired to start jogging after seeing others doing it. By changing yourself you may inspire someone else to get fit.

Hello energy levels

As mentioned earlier by getting active you increase your fitness. Thus, this leads to increased energy levels. And who doesn’t want more energy? Exercise helps to recharge your internal battery as long as you don’t push yourself too much it is one way to feel better.

Starting is the hardest part. However, once you make one small change others follow. Even starting by walking more will have an impact on how much energy you have.

Boost confidence

Confidence comes from many places and exercise is one of them. Whether by gaining strength or doing something you never thought possible working out increases confidence levels.

There is nothing wrong with feeling better. And we all need a confidence boost occasionally. Why not get one by seeing what you can achieve? Whether by learning a new dance or hiking a new route, exercise allows you to have daily wins.

Aids hydration

Drinking more water is a positive to working out more. Keeping hydrated is often difficult to achieve. If you’ve ever wanted to drink more water but struggled simply do some exercise.

In the gym, I drink a large bottle during my workout. And at home, I have several glasses after a yoga class.

Water has many health benefits. It improves skin health and keeps you healthy. As we’ve learnt there are knock-on effects to exercising and improving other parts of your health is one of them.

Improves your life

Exercise literally improves your life. Building strength helps your bones and exercising regularly increases your well-being. From your heart health to healing your mind, exercise helps you live longer.

Getting started is hard but you will never regret feeling better.

If you are looking for a sign to get more active this is it!

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