5 Great Reasons Why You Should Get a Salad Spinner

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Spin yourself a salad

So you might be thinking that salad spinners are an 80’s gadget that has no place in a modern kitchen. But you couldn’t be more wrong. In my opinion, they are essential. And there are many amazing reasons you should invest in one.

Here are the best reasons why anyone should be adding this simple device to their cooking tools.

1. Speeds up the time to make a salad

Whilst we’d all like home cooking to take less time it’s often hard to do. However, with a salad spinner, you can at least save some time making a healthy side salad. Waiting for all your vegetables and greens to dry takes precious eating time away from you. So, this is one kitchen gadget which gives you back some precious moments.

2. They are cheap

As a fan of all kitchen gadgets like the food steamer I just bought I sometimes spend too much money on tools for cooking. However, this is not one of them.

For less than £10 in most places such as Sainsburys this device is not going to break the bank. And with the time saved food prepping your salads, it’s well worth it.

3. It allows you to eat healthily

With busy lives, many of us are looking for ways to eat healthy that don’t take up too much time. Whilst there are shop-bought salads around the cost can add up. Having a salad spinner allows you to prepare homemade salads easily and quickly. Also, it allows you to make a lot of salad for the week quickly. And I know I am not alone in eating better when I have food prepared. So, if a gadget can help me eat healthier I am all for it!

Moreover, if you are looking for some healthy salads to try why not check out my Rainbow Salad


4. A salad spinner saves space

My salads are packed full of different vegetables. I love to pack in as much flavour and colour as possible to get lots of nutrients and vitamins in my meals. However, when you are cooking this means I have lots of vegetables out at once. So, using a salad spinner allows me to dry everything at once, rather than needing lots of bowls, places, strainers and tools I can do everything at once. Also, the salad spinner is great for using as storage too. Once I have made a large salad I can keep it in the bowl in the fridge to use when needed.

5. Your salad doesn’t get damaged

Ever wondered why your spinach has wilted or your lettuce is not as nice looking? Firstly, lots of salad produce is easily damaged if it is tossed around or handled incorrectly. Using a salad spinner spins the food gently so you end up with a nice-looking salad with less damage to the leaves and other items. Whilst this is not essential as food is about taste it’s still nice or things to look good.

What do you think is this a new essential kitchen item?

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