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Welcome to 1 Million Plants

Hi, I’m Jay, a freelance writer from Manchester, UK.

Welcome to my site about all things vegan, sustainable and plant-based.

I spend hours looking for vegan, ethical and sustainable products. Somewhere around my 10th hour of searching for vegan paint, I realized that the information I research might come in handy for others.

It takes a long time to find suitable products when you want to find earth-friendly and vegan items. I hope to make the search a little easier for you with my website.

If you’re like me and want to choose the best products – the ones that are kind to the planet, animals, and the people who make them it can take a lot of time and effort to find them. Sometimes it can feel like a waste of time, if you weren’t as caring you’d be able to order what you want quickly and save the hassle.

That’s where 1 million plants comes in. I hope I can help you discover some sustainable secrets and support some small businesses along the way.

With every purchase we make we vote for the kind of world we want to live in. I for one am tired of these massive global companies who don’t seem to care about their workers, the planet, or animals making massive profits and lining the pockets of billionaires. These same billionaires seem to want to do nothing to help their fellow humans and are simply focused on going into space or making themselves more money.

I think it’s time to support smaller companies and spend our money on brands that are eco-friendly. Let’s support each other, support smaller places, and make our money count.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to share any tips or promote your small business.

Website Content:

Wondering what information I write about?

Well anything really as long as it relates to what I love (veganism, small businesses, sustainability)

On this site you will find:

  • Vegan products
  • Sustainable products and articles
  • Recipes (Vegan food of course!)
  • Travel articles
  • Reviews


I’m a minimalist at heart so I don’t want to overwhelm you with emails (or overwhelm myself having to write them). Join the 1 Million Plants club for a monthly email where I will share with you the latest sustainable and vegan finds and maybe a recipe along the way.


All opinions and thoughts shared on this site are my own. Some articles may use affiliate links where if you shop through the link you support me and the website – as always I only work with businesses I think are doing good things in the world!

Contact Details:

Get in touch with me at contact@1millionplants.com I happily share small businesses on my site for free so get in touch and tell me what you do. I love to share, vegan, sustainable, and fairtrade brands and small businesses with a eco-friendly attitude.

Want to share a voucher, special offer, or collaborate with me? Check out my work with me page.

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