Rainbow Salad Bowl – a must try simple, vegan recipe

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Eat the rainbow with this mixed vegetable and cous cous bowl

Eat the Rainbow with this salad

I love the saying ‘eat the rainbow’. So much so that you’ll probably see it on this website a lot.

Indeed it does what it says on the tin. And by eating a colourful plate, or the ‘rainbow’ you are maximising the health benefits from each meal.

Clearly eating healthy doesn’t need to be hard, just add lots of colourful food together. And then hey presto you have a healthy meal.

What do the colours of food mean?

By adding colour to your diet you are adding nutrition. But what do the colours mean?

Well, foods get their colour from natural compounds called phytochemicals (I bet you didn’t expect some science on a salad recipe).

Each colour has different nutrients. Also, the brightest colours have more minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. So look out for those vibrant fruits and vegetables when you are shopping!

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is one way to get lots of nutrients. However, they all have different benefits:

  • RED: Eating vibrant fruits and veggies that are red contain vitamin c, a and potassium. They are great for heart health.
  • WHITE: These foods are good for your immune system, eat lots to help your heart health and cholesterol.
  • YELLOW: Stock up on yellow fruits and veg to help your skin health and create healthy bones.
  • BLUE/PURPLE: These are great for improving your sight and are great for anti-aging.

Rainbow Salad Recipe

To get lots of nutrients I like to eat plenty of salads. Although this vibrant meal is easy, cheap to make as it is, it can also be added to with seasonal vegetables to save money. Similarly, the main areas are part of the salad but can be substituted for any veg or grains that you prefer. Also, for example, using brown rice instead of cous cous would make this more filling.

In addition, using seasonal vegetables is one way to make your meals cheaper because there are usually offers on items which are more easily available.

Adding to your salad with lots of colour increases the amount of nutrients


  • Grains – Cooked cous cous (golden vegetable cous cous was used in this recipe)
  • Cooked Veg- Boiled carrot, sweet potato & broccoli
  • Greens – spinach, lettuce, cucumber, rocket
  • Toppings – tomatoes, avocado, pickled cabbage


  • Cook your grains and vegetables – I like to keep things simple so there is nothing special needed here. Firstly, just peel your chosen vegetables and boil or cook.
  • Chop your raw vegetables – secondly, wash and chop any vegetables for your salad.
  • Add your toppings – remember to add lots of colour for those added nutrients.
  • Add flavour – lastly, serve with something tasty like hummus, siracha or vegan mayo.
  • Enjoy – you know that you are getting lots of vitamins and minerals from this meal alone.

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