Buttermilk – The Chocolate Bar So Good You Won’t Believe It’s Vegan

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Buttermilk is an amazing chocolate brand. And if you’ve never heard of them you can now thank me later!


Buttermilk is a free-from chocolate company that has chocolate and traditional treats.

Amazingly they offer:

  • Award-winning snacks
  • Small snack sizes as well as larger sharing bags
  • Zero waste packaging
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Easter treats

Because of all these reasons, I think this is a great brand to support. And small businesses need our help more than ever so I love reviewing new products and brands which I love.

A plant-based mars bar

I love that being vegan you don’t need to miss out on anything. And finding vegan options is easier these days. This bar is really like a mars bar, or at least what I remember. In fact, I think it’s better!

The chocolate is thick with a gorgeous caramel filling. Also, the taste is amazing, it is one of the best vegan chocolates I have tried.

Buttermilk website offers

When you shop directly with small businesses there are some offers to be had by shopping directly. With 20% off your first order and free delivery on orders over £30, you can stock up on plant-based treats.

In addition, the online sales on the website are a great way to try new products for cheaper.

Review and thoughts of this vegan chocolate

I love to try new vegan products, especially chocolate. As you have seen on my site I love sharing new things like Crave.

Chocolate is the one item I thought would be hard to give up when I went vegan. There are some amazing bars out there that I used to miss but now I don’t. And the reason is simple, these vegan options are better.

Buttermilk is definitely one of the best vegan brands around. I love their ethics, the taste and the choice of products. Whilst the price can be a little more expensive it is definitely worthwhile for a treat or present.

As gifts, I love the boxes of different treats like fudge or truffles.

I would highly recommend this brand and finally, we have a good vegan mars bar dupe option.


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