The Best Vegan Combo – Avocado and Beans

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A vegan classic

OK hear me out, avocado and beans might sound like a crazy combination but it works! I discovered this combination in a vegan cafe as this is how they served their breakfast and it was delicious. But I know it might not seem like the best idea, you’ll just have to trust me here.

Firstly, a classic, cooked vegan breakfast is a must for any good cafe. And recreating what they do well at home is something I love to do. Also, once I tried this combination, I knew I wanted to try it again. Secondly, it’s always great to try something new even if you think it sounds strange like my Pitta Bread Pizzas.

Avocado on toast

Avocado on toast is a classic of any good vegan. It gives you a nice healthy start to the day and some essential fats to add to your toast. However, maybe you’ve never thought to add some beans but I have to say it is game-changing.

Personally, I find avocado a little plain sometimes, but it’s all about how you pair and flavour it and adding something tasty is the way to go.

Where to find the best beans

Of course, you could go for any brand. But I love Suma organic beans. And these can be bought from Vegan stores as well as health food shops. The delicious flavour pairs well with avocado.

Other vegan bean brands

Whilst most bean brands are vegan you will find some which are not. Also, the price can vary a lot. And as a lot of us are trying to save money right now it can be helpful to know where to find the best prices around whilst shopping for your vegan goods.

Please always double-check that these items remain vegan whilst shopping as recipes often change. And it is good to note prices are changing rapidly right now so these prices are good as of now.

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