Craving something sweet? Try Crave chocolate for a vegan snack

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Crave Chocolate: A plant-based option

You all know the score, I love to try vegan snacks so I decided to give Crave a chance. In fact, I got this as a free gift when I shopped for my regular vegan groceries at the Vegan Kind*. There’s nothing better than vegan chocolate unless that vegan chocolate is free! And this one did not disappoint.

I am always looking for a bargain and something new to try so this was a great opportunity to give a new vegan option a chance.

Who is Crave?

Crave Free From is a company that set out to make delicious free-from snacks. With all their products being gluten and milk free this is a great option for anyone with allergies. Also, they are made in special factories, meaning you don’t need to worry about cross contamination which is a real issue when you suffer from food allergies.

Firstly, I love the idea of this company and the ethics involved. And they are pretty new so it’s nice to support a small business.

Secondly, they state that they want to make flavoursome vegan snacks. This can be an issue with finding good vegan food so what’s not to love about this idea.

Shop for vegan snacks and products at TheVeganKind and support a vegan business – * using this link to shop helps to support this site.

How is this chocolate bar?

Firstly, I loved the idea of a bar with everything on it! This meant that it was full of texture and different interesting things to eat. Also, the fact that it had bits of cornflake on reminded me of baking at school and making cornflake cakes. I do miss these and might have to try a recipe soon!

Overall it is definitely something I would buy again. Packed full of flavour and great for people with allergies I can’t complain.

And it looks like there are many other options coming to their site soon so I will definitely be testing some other items.

Where to buy

You can shop for this bar and a few other snacks on:

* Shopping via the affiliate links in this site helps to support this website at no extra cost to you – thank you!

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