Happy Veganuary – Is Now Your Time To Go Vegan?

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What is Veganuary?

January is an excellent time for new challenges, this is where Veganuary comes in. Every year people sign up to try being vegan for a month. For many of these people, it is a way to start the new year with a healthy bang and give something new a go. Whilst some may not stay vegan for others it will be the start of a new vegan lifestyle.

Is this 31-day challenge for you?

Whilst some people slowly change to a vegan lifestyle others prefer to have a crash course with this challenge. Indeed there are many reasons why you might want to try this out. I personally believe there are many reasons to go vegan. But here are a few of the hundreds of reasons:

  • A vegan diet is good for the environment
  • You can save money by eating a whole foods diet
  • Trying a vegan diet in January means you can buy discounted foods for Veganuary
  • Your health will benefit
  • You can embrace a more ethical lifestyle
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Things to be aware of when starting Veganuary

Firstly, any new diet needs to work for you, so ensure you get enough nutrients. Secondly, many people will cut foods out of their diet. Remember you need to replace everything to make sure you get adequate calories.

Also, there is no need to starve if you go vegan. With the plethora of vegan alternatives these days the easiest thing to do when starting out is to replace everything you eat now with a vegan alternative. For example, if you usually eat a meat burger with chips for one of your meals you can replace this with a veggie or fake-meat alternative burger with chips (these are already a vegan classic). However, remember doing a challenge is a great chance to get out of your comfort zone and try something new don’t be afraid to give new foods a chance.

It can also be difficult finding things to eat so why not give cooking a chance? I am constantly uploading new recipes and have many more planned for the new year and I also share tips on going vegan and new foods to try so use resources that are out there already.

Good luck with this vegan challenge

So, if you are still thinking of taking part in Veganuary good luck on your vegan journey! Remember, any time is a good time to give veganism a go so if you are still wanting to try it even though the new year has started why not start your own challenge?

For me any time of year is a great chance to go vegan so will you be taking part?

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