An Extraordinary Non-dairy Option? The Nurishh Cheese Review

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Nurishh is a new(ish) brand offering plant-based cheese.

As a vegan, you may be looking for a good alternative. And if you are someone who is trying out a plant-based life or adding other options to your diet you’ll want something to compete with your current choices.

I love trying out new products and Nurishh caught my eye because of all the options. I first spotted the brand in my local Sainsburys which is a good place to check out this brand.

The range is impressive with everything from cheese cubes to mozzarella and even parmesan-style cheese. Because many people believe going vegan is going to be limited I love to see a brand cover all bases. I haven’t yet tried all the options but I’m willing to give most of them a go.

The downside of going vegan

For many vegans giving up cheese is the reason they contemplate not going plant-based. Dairy seems to have a hold on many people and I used to think the same. Even though dairy started to make me feel ill I still didn’t think you could find the same flavour elsewhere. I mean what is a pasta dish without some cheese, am I right?

However, you’d be surprised how easy it becomes once you try out other options. And there are now so many vegan choices. Indeed veganism has exploded in recent years with loads of brands giving their own cruelty-free options ago.

I am loving all these choices and hope it continues. However, I do like to support a plant-based business.

Nurishh Cheese

So far I have tried the mozzarella style block and the grated cheddar and really enjoyed them both. The cheddar was my favourite but both were nice when making vegan pizza.

They melted well and were also a versatile option for sandwiches and pasta. The mozzarella was quite sweet. Having never used mozzarella when I was vegetarian I can’t tell you if this has a similar taste but I thought it was nice. The cheddar is a classic option which is much more of an everyday cheese.

I think this brand is doing great things. They have so many options. It’s great to see a plant-based company in regular stores and I hope more people check them out.

Overall verdict of Nurishh Cheese

I highly recommend this cheese option. Check it out and see for yourself if vegan cheese can compete.


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