3 of the Best Vegan Biscuits To Find in Supermarkets

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Tea and biscuits anyone?

Is there anything more quintessentially British than tea and biscuits? Whilst I try not to eat too much sugar, there’s always time for a little snack and biscuits are a good way to have something sweet, without it being too much.

However, sometimes it’s hard to find a vegan option. Walk down any biscuit aisle in a supermarket and you’ll find loads of non-vegan options but it’s rare to find a plant-based cookie or biscuit.

But never fear there are some easy-to-find vegan options.

Jammie Dodgers

Firstly, these classic biscuits were not always suitable for vegans. Awhile ago the brand stopped making them accidentally vegan but changed the recipe again due to outrage by vegans and probably a loss in profits. But always remember to check they are labelled vegan before eating.

I like to think they are now vegan again because they realised this was a better option but it was probably due to profits and getting the most customers.

A lot of brands are realising the need to have vegan options as more people take up this lifestyle.

And what’s more Jammie Dodgers are easy to find in most shops and supermarkets as they are a classic biscuit that many people love. Both vegans and non-vegans can enjoy this biscuit.


Maryland Cookies

These cookies are a classic of the biscuit aisle. I used to eat these when I was vegetarian so was pleasantly surprised to see they had made a plant-based option.

And, great news for anyone just going vegan these don’t taste any different. It just goes to show vegan versions don’t need to compromise on flavour or quality. It is possible to make anything vegan and more brands are seeing the benefit of this.

Moreover, if more people buy vegan options from non-vegan brands it gives them an incentive to make more.

East Coast Bakehouse Biscuits

I love seeing products labelled vegan. This is becoming more popular and makes it easier to find plant-based items.

These East Coast Bakehouse biscuits were found in B&M’s of all places. I didn’t even realise they stocked vegan stuff so it was nice to see. And what’s more, they are delicious! If you miss classic, chunky cookies you often get in cafes these are the ones for you. I loved them – perfect with a brew.

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